Why hire a professional proofreading service?

  • If your document is destined for distribution or publication – whether it’s a thesis, dissertation, book, poem, query letter, web site, or business document – it must be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes
  • Errors and inconsistencies reflect poorly on your professionalism and detract from the communication of your intended message
  • At the discretion of the intended audience, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors may disqualify a resume, query letter, or literary submission from further consideration

What’s the difference between Editing and Proofreading?


  • Last step in the editing / revision process
  • Surface errors corrected
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation corrected
  • Proofreading is suitable when you’re satisfied with the quality of your writing and your document has undergone in-depth edit(s), but you require a final review to correct surface errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation


  • The Editor reviews and recommends improvements in quality of language and expression. These elements may include style, clarity, organization, word choice, use of dialog, agreement of tenses, and point of view in which the work is written (for example 1st person or 3rd person)
  • The Editor may recommend major revisions that involve changes in text, changes in dialog, or re-arrangement of content

What if English is my Second Language?

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) writers tend to benefit much more from Editing services than from simple Proofreading

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